9 Easy To Do Tips For Preparing A Long Ride In Your Scooter

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In the past, Scooter was always used to ride in cities and towns, especially to cover small distances and also for daily commutes. But modern scooters can be used to cover long distances also. The following are the essentials pointers you should not miss when you go for a long ride.

1. License, RC Book and Other Details

Before preparing for a long ride, make sure you have the necessary details required like; RC Book, Valid License, your scooter insurance and health insurance. Make sure your scooter pollution clearance is checked and renewed on time. Always keep the details safe in the trunk of your scooter or keep it safe in your backpack.

2. Scrutinize Your Scooter

The next thing is carefully inspecting your scooter for any mechanical or electrical failures or complaints. It is always recommended to do a service before going for a long ride and replace any old or broken cables. It is mandatory to change engine oil if it is a very long trip as you won't be able to go to a service centre to change it in the midway of your ride. The tyre pressure, air filter and brake fluid and battery should also be checked before the ride.

3. Plan Ahead

After Scrutinising your ride, make a small plan about the total distance you are about to cover and the count the maximum number of days you are about to invest in this trip. This will give a short idea of your ride and you could plan your expense and stops places very easily. Planning ahead will also give you an idea about the number of things you would have to carry for the ride and this will also save more time to explore and do all that you wanted from this ride.

4. Puncture Kit

Most modern scooters come with tubeless tyres and alloy wheels. This makes it easy to fix a flat tyre easily. When going for a long ride, it is always a good thing to keep a Puncture kit by your side for any emergencies. Puncture kits are very handy and get the flat tyre fix within no time.

5. Pack Light

Your scooter has a good generous under seat storage, so you could keep items like a raincoat, utility knife, biscuits, water bottle and some dresses in your scooter itself. A backpack can be useful to carry extra luggage and things like camera, mobile phones and cables safely. But it is always good to pack smart and light. When you pack things you have to think twice, as for whether it will be of use to or not along the ride.

6. Full Face Helmet

A Full Face helmet is a good choice while going long rides, as it keeps the head safe during any impacts or accidents. Another advantage of Full face helmets over half face helmet other than whole head and face protection is that it comes with a double visor that could be helpful while riding at night, the full face helmet will also save you from pollution and keeps the skin clean and safe from dust and harsh winds.

7. Weather Proof Riding Suit

Riding with casual jeans and shirts will be ideal for short commutes, but when going for long rides, it is a must to have a weatherproof riding suit as a primary attire. Make sure your jacket or riding suit is waterproof along with waterproof boots and gloves. Wet cloths make you weak and cold and will make your journey to extend than you expect to be.

8. Extra Gas Can

It is a good choice to bring along an extra bottle or a gas can while going long rides. As most modern scooters come only with 5 to 6 litres of maximum fuel capacity. An extra Gas can store more fuel and will serve as a backup when you explore places far away from places with petrol pumps and other far and remote areas.

9. Ride in Crunches

Unlike motorcycles, scooters come with small wheels so the engine has to make more rotations to cover distances. Due to this reason scooters have a comparatively less ride range than motorcycles. To tackle this limit and also for maintaining the efficiency of the engine, it is advisable to ride with small short brakes. Arrange the total ride in small crunches, and this will give proper rest to you and your motorcycle.

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