8 Easy Tips To Properly Wash Your Scooter

Peugeot Django

A clean scooter looks more attractive and beautiful than a dirty one. Moreover, it is always a good habit to clean your scooter when it gets dirty as the metal parts become corrode and the scooter may lose it newness.

1. Gather the things needed to wash the scooter

1. Microfibre Cloth, A Clean Towel and Sponge
2. Lukewarm Water
3. Brush with Soft Hairs
4. Plastic cover and Duct Tape
5. Car wash/Bike Wash
6. Bucket
7. Old Tooth Brush

2. Cover The Electricals

After you gather all the necessary items to have a wash of your favourite ride, just make sure that you are covering the exhaust, instrument cluster keys and other electronic components with a plastic cover and duct tapes. This will make sure that all the electrical components are free from any contact with water while washing.

3. Start With Pre-Wash

It is always good to gently spray the vehicle with water and soak all the parts. This will make the wash easier as the warm water will soak the hard dirt and dust that sticks in the scooter. Pre-wash all the parts and almost all the visible dirt and dust will be removed and the bike will be ready for a detailed cleaning and washing

4. Apply Mild Cleaner

Take a small bucket and mix the bike wash with water. Use a soft sponge and gently apply the soapy mixture to the front fender, mud-guards and other body parts. Apply the soapy mixture to all the scooter parts

5. Clean the Alloys And Unaccessable Parts

The Alloys will have dirt and dust and it will be hard to clean them. After applying the bike wash, take a sponge and wipe clean all the alloy. Use a toothbrush, if some dirt still retains in the alloys and other small parts that cannot be accessed with a hand.

6. Take a Full Body Wash

After thoroughly rubbing the scooter with a sponge and wiping clean with a towel. Take a full body wash and remove all the soapy water, and then wipe the body parts with a dry towel.

7. Rinse Away After the Full Body Wash

Apply water again, to remove any soap or excess dirt from the scooter by applying water again to all the body parts and then again wipe it clean with a dry towel. This will wipe the excess water from the scooter.

8. Oil Necessary Parts

Finally, after cleaning your favourite ride, it is time to oil it up. It is necessary to oil parts like brake levers and other moving parts after washing the scooter with water. Lubing the necessary parts of the scooter will protect it from corrosion and also makes it smooth to ride.

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