Top 5 Lightweight Scooters in India

As the emerging traffic and the need for simpler and lightweight mobility became a mandatory requirement for the urban life. The love for compact and gearless scooters got good traction in India. The following is a list of the most lightweight scooters in the country till date.

1.TVS Scooty Pep Plus
The Scooty Pep Plus is one of the best lightest scooters around and it weighs only 95 kg. This is the least weight scooter one can buy in India and it got launched in the country back in 2005.

TVS Scooty Pep Plus

This scooter showcase a smaller engine that produces 4.9 bhp @ 6500 rpm and a 5.8 Nm @ 4000 rpm. This scooter showcases a small body design and fits perfectly for women riders and youngsters alike.

Price Ex Showroom (Delhi):43,250/-

2.Suzuki Lets
The Suzuki Lets comes just below the Scooty pep Plus when it comes to weightlessness and this scooter scores at 98 Kgs. Suzuki has made efforts to make this scooter very light in weight.

Suzuki Lets

The Lets showcase a 112cc engine that produces a peak power output of 8.7 bhp at 7500 rpm and a peak torque output of 9 Nm at 6500 rpm. The Suzuki claims a top class mileage of 63 km.

Price Ex Showroom (Delhi):48,577/-

3.TVS Scooty Zest
The TVS Scooty is mainly designed to be a feminine scooter, but the sooty Zest looks more like it also welcomes male counterparts to its attention. This scooter comes in attractive paint jobs and is one of the most stylish scooters in the market.

TVS Scooty Zest Anushka Sharma

This scooter weighs just 98.5 Kgs and comes with a 109 cc engine that produces a peak power of 7.9 bhp at 7500 rpm and has a peak torque output of 8.8 Nm at 5500 rpm. The TVS claims a top mileage of 62 km/litres with this scooter.

Price Ex Showroom (Delhi):45,280/-

4.Honda Activa i
Honda Activa i is a very young and free spirited scooter made by Honda. Launched back in India in June 2013. However, this scooter gained little attention from the likes of the masses even though it was packed with trendy designs and beautiful looks.

Activa i Taapsee Pannu

The Activa i comes with a 109cc 4-stroke, Air-cooled engine. It delivers a maximum power of 8 bhp @ 7500 rpm and maximum torque of 8.74 Nm @ 5500 rpm. Honda claims a top mileage of 60km/litres for this scooter and the Activa i is very lightweight and weighs only 103 kgs.

Price Ex Showroom (Delhi):46,988 /-

5.Yamaha Fascino
The Yamaha Fascino is a new trendy scooter that comes under the lightweight segment and it weighs only 103 Kgs. A trendy design style flows from head to tail of this scooter and comes with a streamlined body with attractive paint jobs and premium chrome touch-ups. The Fascino is the most feature rich and attractive scooter in the scooter segment.

Yamaha Fascino

The Fascino sports a 113cc engine that produces a power of 7 bhp at 7500 rpm and has a peak torque output of 8.1 Nm at 5000 rpm. Yamaha claims a top mileage of 66 Kmpl with this scooter.

Price Ex Showroom (Delhi):54,597/-

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