Honda Dio - The not so good ride for a duo

Honda literally threw the market leader Bajaj scooter out of the arena almost a decade ago with the launch of its gearless scooter Activa that took the market by storm. So the conventional scooters got a royal beating giving way to modern and stylish looking scooters. The Honda is derived from the word "Dyonisiac", which means Cupid. Apparently Honda launched more contemporary looking Dio targeting the metro and stylish youth. And no doubt with its unconventional and stunning looks Dio surely did attract (and continues to) the younger lot. Rather shall we say Cupid does his job quite efficiently in this regard?

Honda Dio

What makes Dio a stunner all the way is the use of color scheme; I mean the dual-tone color scheme goes well with the urbane youth and the perfectly etched graphics on the body earns the scooter a cool tag. Furthermore, the Dio features a wedge design with resin finish, fiber body with an aerodynamic stance.

The integrated headlamp with elongated blinkers is the main highlight while talking of the front view of the Dio. So the Dio breaks the conventional styling of the handlebar bearing the burden of headlight and the turn indicators instead the handlebar cluster is adorned with the body color with black rear mirrors mounted on it and the movable front fender matches with the body. The clear lens winkers give the Dio edginess that a bike possesses.

Honda Dio

The other attraction is the dual-tone seat (sets off the driver and the pillion) and underneath the seat in the front is a hook to hang grocery or handbags. In addition to this, the flat footboard offers a decent amount of space for your belongings as well as your feet to rest. The slightly longer seat has a chic grab rail and the little extra room behind it adds to the sporty looks of the scooter. Even the rear panel of the Dio comes integrated with the tail light and turn indicators. The foot pegs and footrest offer good comfort to the riders.

Honda Dio

Engine, performance and mileage
The Dio runs on a not-so-great mill which is a 4-stroke, single cylinder, 102 cc air-cooled engine and the OHC mill generates a power of 7bhp @ 7000 rpm with a max torque of 7.85 NM @ 5500 rpm. The V-matic transmission gear enables good power and acceleration. And the machine touches the speed of 0-60 kmph in 10.8 seconds and because of reduced kerb weight and compact size the vehicle gets smaller tyres and lower wheelbase, that may not be really so comfortable on pothole laden roads although maneuvering of the scooter is very easy. The Dio has both kick and self-start options and comes with a maintenance-free battery. The scooter achieves a top speed of 78 kmph and this leaves little room for owners to whine about the Dio"s speed especially.

Honda Dio

Talking of the comfort and riding quality the wide footboard and lower seat enables great riding position, balance and stability. The Dio"s stability comes from the fact that the vehicle is built on a tubular under bone. Additionally the bike has forks, which offer average riding quality. If you are one to ride long journeys I suggest you to back out of DIO as lack of telescopic suspension in the front is a let down for many Dio riders. Is this the reason why people keep DIO out of consideration when buying a scooter. Ride DIO for continuous 25-30 km and you would start complaining of a nagging back for sure.

Honda Dio

When the mileage is concerned, Honda Dio offers a decent mileage of around 40-43 kmpl in the city even under heavy traffic conditions and puts competitors to shame. But I have had complaint of battery running out so frequently and the scooter fails to start in the morning giving me frustration early in the morning even before I had gone to work.

Colors and price
You can choose the Dio from five colors: black, leblon violet metallic, vibrant blue metallic, candy palm green and sports red. I wonder if anyone would like the leblon violet and the candy palm green colored Dio, not even girly but atrocious colors anyone would hate to get noticed. That apart, one can buy Dio for an ex-showroom (Delhi) price Rs. 40749.

Honda Dio

Final verdict
The small but cute Dio is a good option in the city traffic nuisance; handling is stress-free and very easy to maneuver and all thanks to its compact size. The unique front view is a big plus and major attraction and not to forget the dual tone color scheme and the stylish graphics. But if you are taking more than looks to buy a scooter then I"d say there are better alternatives to DIO; the traditional braking system, forks that offer bad suspension and less power could be a lot of discomfort to any riders and no bundle of joy definitely.

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