Top 5 Hero Bikes to Look Out for in India in 2020!

Indians share a special love for Hero vehicles. Even today, when the market has several national and international brands, Hero bikes remain just as popular due to their build quality and economic nature. If you are looking for a solid, dependable two-wheeler, you should consider going for Hero's top vehicles.

But, before looking at the top Hero bikes, let's learn a bit more about caring for your two-wheeler - with a bike insurance plan.

Here are the types of insurance policies available to you for your bike -

Third-party two-wheeler Insurance - A third party insurance for bike is the basic protection that you can purchase for your bike. With such a plan, you can reduce financial liability toward a third-person, vehicle or property affected by accident involving your vehicle. However, you cannot claim assistance for any damage that your bike suffers in the mishap.

Comprehensive two-wheeler Insurance - In this kind of policy, the insurer provides third-party liability cover, along with financial assistance for own damage. Further, you can claim the policy in the event of bike damage from fire, natural calamities, riots, theft or other such instances.

Own Damage Insurance - This is a specialised policy whereby policyholders can avail the benefits of a comprehensive cover sans the third-party liability clause benefits. However, such insurance is only available to bike owners who purchased the vehicle after September 2018.

Now that you know a bit about insurance policies for two-wheelers in India take a look at the five most popular Hero bikes available in the market currently -

New Hero Two-wheelers

Top 5 Hero Bikes in India

1. Hero Splendor Plus
- The production line for the Splendor Plus began in 1994.
- Powered by a 97.2cc, single-cylinder, and four-stroke engine.
- The Splendor line up accounted for 2.67 lakh unit sales in May 2019.
- A BSVI variant of the Splendor Plus is expected to launch in 2020.

2. Hero Super Splendor
- The bike's production started in 2005.
- The vehicle is powered by a 124.7cc engine, capable of delivering a mileage of around 75kmpl.
- The single-cylinder engine can generate an impressive torque of 10.35 nm. The bike is available in five colour options.
- A BSVI variant for the bike is yet to arrive in the market.

3. Hero Passion Pro
- The Passion Pro was launched in the market in 2012.
- The 97.2cc, single-cylinder and air-cooled engine is capable of delivering impressive performance.
- Fuel-efficient model, able to cover 70kmpl
- Rumours of a BSVI compliant Passion Pro is expected to arrive in the market in 2020. This bike may sport a 110cc engine.

4. Hero HF Deluxe
- HF Deluxe is another commuter bike from Hero that has found many takers.
- The 97cc engine delivers impressive fuel-efficiency, resulting in mileages of around 83 kmpl.
- Hero's Integrated Braking System (IBS) ensures a safe and smooth ride.
- Hero launched a BSVI compliant model of the bike in December 2019.

5. Hero Glamour
- One of the popular commuter bikes from Hero that has undergone several facelifts since its launch.
- Powered by a 124.7cc engine, the bike can churn out powers of up to 11.5 bhp, alongside an 11Nm torque.
- You can expect to ride the bike between 80 and 85 kms with just a litre of fuel.

Why should you Buy Hero Bike Insurance 2020

You must purchase a Hero bike insurance policy for the following reasons.

i. To avoid Legal Hassle - Bike insurance is mandatory in India. Individuals who fail to get their vehicle insured can face issues with the law. Penalty payments can range up to Rs. 2,000. Repeat offenders may even be charged up to Rs. 4,000.

ii. To Limit financial Liability During Accidents - In the event of an accident, you are financially liable for the damages suffered by the other party, as well as, for their own damage. However, with proper insurance cover, you can claim this monetary loss, ensuring financial security. Comprehensive policies will help you initiate repairs to your bike along with paying for the damages sustained by the third-party.

iii. To Recover Loss after Theft/Robbery - Apart from accidents, another substantial risk that bike owners face is theft. Even after undertaking proper precautions, someone may steal your beloved two-wheeler. In such a case, your insurance plan can help you recover your loss by providing you with the IDV sum for the policy.

Keep these factors in mind and ensure decent insurance cover for your new Hero vehicle.

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