8 Easy To Do Tips To Properly Maintain Your Scooter

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Owning a two-wheeler makes your life more easy as it will make all your transits trouble free from all the hassle of taking public transportation. But owning a two-wheeler becomes a nightmare when you won't maintain it properly. A scooter with starting trouble or the one that stops in the middle when you are rushing to the office or returning back home at night is the last thing you would want from your two-wheeler.

The following tips will keep your scooter healthy and makes it ready for all the adventure you are up to.

1. Engine Oil and GearBox Oil Change

Any engine driven vehicle is best to ride when its engine oil is new or is changed periodically. The same goes with scooters. The engine oil of scooters should be changed at regular intervals of time as this will prevent any wear and tear of internal parts. A burned out engine oil won't provide enough friction to the internal parts and also won't keep the engine temperature to optimum. It is recommended to change oil every 3000 to 3500km. It is also very important to change the gear oil when the engine oil is changed to get optimum performance and mileage from your scooter.

2. Tyre Pressure

A tyre that is set at optimum tyre pressure is very important for any vehicle. Less air will give more stress to the engine and thus gives out poor mileage and performance. Tyre pressure should be checked and levelled regularly as it also affects the tyre life. The Tyre pressure should not exceed the recommended level and the exact tyre pressure values can be found from the owners manual of your scooter.

3. Clutch and Variator Bush Service

Unlike motorcycles that come with manual gearboxes, scooter comes with technologies likes continues automatic transmission and so on to transfer power from the engine to the rear wheels. So it is very important that these internal parts get serviced regularly as per period maintenance charts. The Clutch and Variator Bush should be inspected and maintained at 2 or 3-period maintenance to keep it clean and work smoothly.

4. Battery Maintenance

Most scooters come with an electric switch and kick start, but the kickstart of scooters are positioned at the rear side and it is not so convenient to start a scooter with kickstart like the bikes. It is very important to maintain the battery if the scooter.

Modern scooters come with maintenance free battery, but the ones who stuck with old batteries should keep the battery water at an optimum level to keep the battery healthy. The scooter should be started with chock at cold mornings at cold temperature or rainy days. It is also advisable to use kickstart when you start the scooter for the first-time every day.

5. Spark Plug Cleaning

Spark Plugs with clogs will cause engine misfire and affect the overall health of the engine and its mileage. It is advised to check the spark plug at service periods and change it or clean it as per the advice of the mechanic. It is recommended to change or inspect Spark Plugs at an interval of every 6000km.

6. Carburetor Cleaning

Well, this is something almost everyone skips. Almost every vehicle owners will postpone carburettor cleaning; this is often because of the trouble to go to a service station or to find a good mechanic who does a good job of it. But they learn the mistake when the vehicle shows serious problems likes incomplete combustion, black smoke from the exhaust and serious mileage drop and poor engine performance.

A carburettor gets clogged with impurities over time of usage. It is advised to voluntarily clean the carburettor of your scooter in every 10000 to 12000 km range. A voluntarily cleaning of the carb should keep the engine clean and provides good engine power and mileage at all times.

7. Air Filter Cleaning

The Air Filter is an important component of a scooter and it should be maintained at a regular interval of 5000 to 6000km. The air filter filters out impure air so that a complete combustion could take place inside the engine cylinder. If the air filter is faulty or is clogged with impurities the filter won't give out pure air for combustion and it will result in an incomplete combustion and poor engine performance.

8. Clean and Body Wash

The Scooter should be cleaned at regular intervals to remove dirt or dust. The proper cleaning methods should be adapted to retain the shyness of the paint job and other critical components. It is very crucial to note that, no chemical substances should be used to clean the vehicle as it will damage the body paint. A clean towel and a mild vehicle body wash can be used to wash the scooter. The exhaust and other electric components should be properly guarded with plastic covers or duct tape before splashing water to the scooter while cleaning.

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