Perks of Owning a Scooter in India

A Scooter is a fun filled two wheeler and is easy to ride around cities. It is a dream vehicle for the young and a friend for many. It can be a good riding companion and is fairly easy to ride upon even by a beginner who is new to two wheelers.

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Owning to these many advantages, in a place like India with busy traffic, numerous pedestrians roaming the streets and the roads full of pot holes, surprise curves and bumps, scooters in India also comes with its own perks.

A King when it comes to ditch Traffic
There are times when the chivalry showcase by men towards Scooter is high and one of those are the times when he is stuck in a hectic traffic and is desperately finding a way to zip through the traffic by overtaking his geared motorcycle from every other vehicle through down shifts and up shifts. City rides are a mess with a motorcycle with manual gears. The density of traffic and the condition of Indian roads makes it difficult to have a smooth ride on top gears.

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Moreover, when a geared bike is moving through traffic it needs to constantly shift gears to move through traffic and continuous gear changes will, in turn, damage the mechanical parts and depreciation take over the internal gear box and other critical components of the bike and becomes damaged completely.

But in the case of an automatic gear scooter, one can easily ride a light weight scooter without going through the constant manual gear shifts and can leave behind hefty traffic with just a twist.

Ride in any Attire:
One of the best advantages of having a scooter at home is the freedom it gives to ride in any attire. Lady drivers in India can take much advantage of this convenience as traditional dresses like Sarees or formal dresses with fewer flexibility limits women riders to drive a proper motorcycle.

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Scooters with ample leg space will be a piece of cake to ride in any attire and this adds to the main perks of owning a scooter in India. So you can dash in with your own scooter in a carefully stitched corporate wear or with that beautifully worn pink saree to Sharma Ji's daughter's wedding and show off as much as you want.

Comfort and Sassy
Scooters are easy to ride and there is no need to change gear or engage or apply clutch repeatedly or shifts gears. A scooter can be used to ride without much fuss and it sports a very light weight design, a low seat height ideal for all users and a fully covered body having fewer maintenance issues.

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For beginners learning to ride a two wheeler, a scooter is far easier to learn and sometimes, even more, easier than learning to ride a bicycle. Moreover, they are fun to ride, very flexible and simple to handle and easy to park than heavy bikes. Scooters are fast enough for city riding and feel light and flexible to use in and around cities.

Funky Storage Compartment
Scooters have storage compartments which the geared counterparts lack. Most scooters come with a considerably big under-seat storage compartment for safely keeping helmet, license, RC books and other essential papers. They can also storage few college books and lady handbags.

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Now, most scooters come with an under storage compartment light providing visibility in at night and on parking areas with low light. A USB charging port also comes with scooters where users can charge their mobile phones and other devices from the scooter itself and this is a boon in emergency situations.

A Scooter can be used by any member of the family; kids, siblings, wife, father anybody while geared vehicles demand proper and more than a single ownership attracts problems. A Gear-less scooter is convenient and rider friendly when considering this kind of aspects as it allows anybody to operate and no serious issue may arise with multi ownership.

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The front leg space can also be used as storage places to carry groceries and other house hold items. While cannot carry even a single grocery item on a bike.

Another big advantage and one of the most Indian thing about owning a scooter is you can carry a gas cylinder alone in a scooter without any outside help which also saves few extra cash on transportation.

Safer to Handle
Scooter are mostly safer than bikes mainly due to the design it adopts. In a bike, a rider has to sit with the motorcycle between the legs. The riders legs are exposed even though a crash guard protects it from minor crashes, but with the scooter, the wheels are covered, the rider's legs are inside the spacious legs space provided and feels more protected from other elements that come by the way.

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Moreover, scooters are mostly under powered and are made as for purpose friendly commuters. Another thing about the scooter is that users typically stay away from any adventurous behaviours, unlike motorbike riders who go beyond their riding limits in performance bikes.Scooter is not loud and noisy like the bikes and contributes less noise pollution and are more friendly to the environment.

If you feel that the perks of owning a scooter in India are much more than that, feel free to comment here and add your inputs too and let us know what you think.

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