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The launch of Wego from TVS seemed to be a desperate move by the company to usurp the third spot in the scooter market and also a line-up of launches from Honda seemed to have given TVS cold feet. And so Wego, a clutchless, gearless, unisex scooter made its way to the market and was a direct target to deviate the attention of the customers from the country's largest selling scooters Activa and Honda Aviator. According to south-based bike major TVS Motors, the company has spent around 50 crore rupees to develop Wego and unlike Scooty, which was mainly for ladies this one is a family scooter. Lets us see what is special about Wego...

TVS Wego

Looks.....and it is enticing
Wego is definitely for the younger crowd, as its edgy and stylish look is its biggest asset and it is surely better than Activa, which bears the conventional simplistic look and the older section of customers might not prefer Wego over Activa. The curvy, muscular features and an overall metal body is the x-factor of Wego. If you take a closer look Wego bears features are typical of TVS design; the air vent underneath the seat and is covered with a plastic mesh, which goes on to say so much of the toil that has gone designing the Wego. The tail lamps, grab rail, finely stitches seats speak volumes of the effort put in to make the scooter. And the 12" silver alloy wheels add to the elegance of the scooter, while the Wego"s key design is so unique that one might mistake it for a car key. Wego sports a simple dashboard with speedometer, fuel meter and an analogue odometer.

TVS Wego

The full metal body of Wego ensures durability, longevity and stability. Apart from this the two other patented features are: EZ stand and body balance technology. The EZ stand is much easier to put the vehicle on the centre stand without much effort, which is otherwise in conventional scooters while the body balance technology is got to do with the handling of the scooter rather a technology that enables the vehicle to easily manoeuvre in traffic snarls/high speed and enhances the steering ability. The other stand features are: twin telescopic shock absorbers in the front and gas-filled springs in the rear. And not to forget the front storage compartment, under seat 12v mobile charging socket and the key ring can be illuminated.

TVS Wego

The forward biased CoG (Center of Gravity) gives Wego an aggressive stance like that of a bike especially when viewed from the front.

Fuel tank knob at the rear means practicality of filling the tank without lifting the seat. The rider gets ample leg room to accommodate even a tall person and other things. Under seat storage is good if not the best to shelve a helmet and some petty things.

Wego has been designed from the perspective of common rider so all practical problems faced in other scooters are carefully addressed by the TVS.

TVS Wego

Engine, performance and mileage
Wego is equipped with an engine that follows two principles: less friction and less noise. The all-aluminium engine is the same as what was fitted in Jive; the 109cc engine gives a power output of 8.1 bhp. Speaking of engine build it is stunningly all-aluminum built engine making it light weight. In fact it impacted the total weight of the vehicle improving on its performance. The automatic gear box does the job neat in delivering linear power across any rpm range.

One fascinating feature about Wego is its noiseless performance and one can hardly make out if the vehicle has started at all even after the scooter is accelerating with full throttle, it is as if you are gliding on the scooter; thanks to the suppressed noise. Speaking of power one might feel Activa is better in this regard and it seems TVS has refined the engine to be a more fuel efficient machine, although one cannot deny the fact that Wego indeed has impressive engine & performance.

Wego comes with telescopic shocks in the front and gas-charged suspension in the rear to give ample damping and shock absorption. This helps a rider to ride it comfortably in any kind of terrains. Wego also handles very well, thanks to its body balance technology and light weight which work perfect for the vehicle handling and balance; the vehicle is simply smooth and the good brakes make up for a confident and comfortable ride. Easy handling and lightweight makes it a good choice for physically weaker sex and old riders. Under city driving conditions the Wego gives a mileage of around 40-42 kmpl which is very reasonable as compared to Activa.

Colors and price
Wego comes available in five attractive colors: black, silver, cappuccino brown, dark blue and beige. TVS Wego comes with a price tag of Rs.51,000 which is little more than the Activa. But it sure is a good bet considering the extra features it gets over Honda Activa.

TVS Wego

Final word
The TVS Wego is an impressive scooter with aggressive styling. Besides the all-metal body with alloy wheels and amazing handling sure makes it a great choice for young and women customers and in fact it is not a bad choice for old riders too. If you ask me for why one cant buy I"d say it because of lack of engine refinement and low power. But that aside, TVS vehicles have fair resale value and require cheap maintenance; with these Wego can be a refreshing change that you will not regret buying. But with Yamaha, LML and Peugeot scooters coming in 2012, I have my doubts where this Wego would go.

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Tvs wego has starting problem and also its battery is no good. It's a defective poduct. Please tell me the solution of starting problem.
By Sujay Bhattacharjee on 30-07-2012
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