Best 5 Helmets For Ladies Under Rs. 2,500 in India

Lady Rider With Open Face Helmet on Scooter

Helmets are essential while riding a scooter. The helmet protects the head and face of the ride while on accidents and crashes. A helmet could save lives even on major accidents if it is properly worn and chosen. The following is a list of the best helmets available to buy for ladies.

1.Steelbird Sba-2 Full Face Helmet

The Steelbird Sba-2 helmet is a good choice for women, as it is a full face helmet that provides maximum protection that other half face or full face helmet. It comes with High Impact ABS Material Shell and Multi-layer EPS for more Safety. This helmet has good Air Channels that provide enough ventilation and free air flow that will give good comfort for ladies. This helmet comes with a Micro-Metric Buckle that is designed to meet the European Standards.

Steelbird Sba 2 Ladies Helmet

The Steelbird designed this full face helmet to provide maximum ventilation and for that, it is equipped with an air intake inlet in the chin guard, an air intake inlet in the frontal & Top areas. The ventilation system is designed in such a way that it, the two rear extractors recycles the air inside the helmet.

For more comfort, an Italian Design Hygenic Interior With Multipore Breathable Bedding Neck Protector is provided along with a Polycarbonate Anti-Scratch Coated Visor. This helmet also comes with an Odourless Mouth Guard and a Quick Release Visor mechanism Kit. Steelbird is providing a wide range of colour to chose for this helmet.

Price: 2,400/-

2. Vega Verve Open Face Helmet

Vega is a popular helmet maker in India. The Verve Open face helmet is designed to be a ladies helmet that comes with feminine design and style. The outer shell of this helmet followed a sculpted design style that stays close to the likes of the females. This stylish helmet is ISI approved and comes with Lightweight design and style that matches the looks of the scooter.

vega Verve Open Face Helmet

This open face helmet also has provided space for long hair women and comes with a Silent chin strap lock and Vegas Patent lock mechanism to securely safeguard the helmet. The Verve helmet is available in various colours.

Price: Rs. 1,300/-

3. Vega Crux CRX-B-M Flip-up Helmet

Another helmet from Vega is the Crux Flip-up full face helmet. What makes the Crux different from other helmet is that it can be converted to a half face helmet just by flipping up using a button.

Vega Flip-Up Helmet

Vega has provided a nice leather finish touch to this helmet to make it look attractive. It provides an easy fitting visor with good ventilation which will be very useful for lady riders. The press button for the flip up action is smoothly integrated into the helmet that women riders can simply flip the helmet as they need.

Price: Rs. 1,250/-

4. Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet

The Studds Marshall is a good open face helmet that cate the needs of the ladies. This helmet comes with innovative design and style with a much rigid and hard outer shell that is made with especially high impact grade thermoplastic. This helmet is ISI approved and comes with a good aerodynamic shape and design.

Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet

An optically true injected polycarbonate visor is used on this helmet with a duly silicon hard coat that protects the visor from any scratch. It also comes with a regulated density EPS concussion padding and a Quick release chinstrap mechanism for ease of operation and safety.

Price: Rs. 1,200/-

5. Studds Professional Full Face Helmet

The Studds Professional is a good full-face helmet that showcases a very purposeful design and making. This helmet is ISI approved and comes with an Outer shell injected from special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic. An Unpainted special textured outer shell finish provides scratch resistance property.

Studds Professional Full face Helmet

This full face helmet showcase an easy quick release chinstrap mechanism for ease of operation and safety. It also comes with a very dynamic front ventilation system which is designed to give good airflow and this increase more comfort along with a good protective visor to prevent any dust or other particles to enter inside the helmet.

Price: Rs. 1,100/-

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