Guide To Buy A Proper Helmet For Scooters

Aprilia SRV 850

It is essential to use riding gears while using a scooter and a helmet is the main component of the riding gear that protects the rider from any kind of harm and harsh environment. It is essential for a rider to carry a helmet around at all times to prevent any injuries to the head and also to protect the face from winds and pollution.

1. Opt For A Full Face Helmet

Yeah, you read that correctly. Scooter riders mostly prefer a half face or open face helmet, as it suits the riding style and matches the overall look of the scooter. But is always recommended to use a good full-face helmet to prevent any damages to the head and face while riding. Even a small accident may bring serious brain and face injuries if proper full face helmet is not used.

When choosing a full face helmet, it is important that the helmet should have DOT, ECE22.02 or ISI mark, which ensures minimum helmet quality and safety. What makes the full face helmet more safe and secure is that it comes with visor and jaw protection that will protect the ride from any injury. Moreover, the half face helmet riders should rely on googles while riding at night, but a full face helmet comes with visors to protect the eyes and face from pollution dust and harsh winds while riding in at night.

2. Choose a Bright Colour

After you choose to buy a full face helmet and sorted out from the pile, the next step is to select a colour that matches the style of the scooter you have. It is important to choose bright colours when choosing a helmet as this will prevent any accidents at night, as most of the accidents cause when the scooter and the rider have no visibility to other vehicles.

A bright colour helmet or a fluorescent colour will provide more visibility than a dark colour helmet. Riders can choose a colour pattern that sits perfectly with the style and colour of the scooter they have.

3. Helmet Weight

The weight of the helmet should be bearable for the rider. The purpose of the helmet is to provide a safe and comfortable ride. Choosing a perfect helmet will also make the ride more enjoyable and fun. If the helmet is overweight it will add stress to the neck and other parts of the head and the rider will get more tired than he should have. The helmet should be of ideal fit and weight that matches the physique of the rider.

4. Helmet Fitness

A rider must choose a comfortable helmet. The size and shape of the helmet should provide enough visibility. The rider should be able to see the instrument cluster, the side mirrors and the events happening before his eyes and the helmet should be perfectly fit and should provide enough airflow and noise control. The Helmet should not be overly tight or overly loose. It has to cover all the head and face without hindrance the vision of the rider in any way.

5. Comfort

After all, what matters most is the comfort while riding a scooter. Riders can choose helmets that provide more air contact, like the full face flip up model helmets that enables the rider to flip up the front part and convert it into a half face helmet proving more air contract and re;lief to the rider as the full face have less air circulation while comparing to the likes of the half face. Riders can also choose helmets like an open face if they are not serious into long rides or riding through high traffic and congested areas. Casual rids can go for open face helmets with visors that give a more comfort and freedom, even though it gives a far less protection compared to full face ones.

6. Price

Price is something that depends upon the materials used and the number of features incorporated in a helmet and it doesn't necessarily mean a higher price helmet provides more protection that lower price ones. A helmet made with materials like carbon fibre will cost more than the ones made with a polycarbonate material. A helmet with double visor costs more than a helmet with single visor. Some helmets enable rides to incorporate communication devices, headsets and other electronic devices and this kind of additional features makes the helmet cost more than the regular ones.

It is always recommended to select a helmet that meets the safety requirements, enough padding on the inside, a good protective outer shell, and fits perfectly on the head.

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