7 Essentials Every Rider Must Carry For A Long Ride

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It is always a good thing to leave the sedentary lifestyle and hit the road once in a while. But when it comes to long rides, everyone may stumble upon choosing what things to carry down a road trip. The following is a list of essentials you must carry down a road trip.

1. Saddle Bag

Normally, a small backpack is only needed for a small trip, as you don't have to carry around so much stuff for the journey. But when it comes to long rides, you will be spending more days on the road, so a casual backpack alone won't meet your packing requirements. Saddlebags will be a good choice while riding long distances and it will also give the ride freedom as it leaves the burden of a backpack that would have to be worn on the shoulders and may result in shoulder and back pain.

2. Riding Gears

After you find a good saddle bag, the next big thing to do is gathering all your gear for the great ride. A scooter or any motorcycle that matters runs on just two wheels and have no other support. So it is ideal to have safety guards to protect knees and shin from any accidents or impacts. Motorcycle jacket with armour can be used to protect the rider from any weather or impacts. Other than safety wears, the rider should carry are a good full face helmet, riding gloves, GPS or a smartphone with offline maps and riding goggles while going for long rides.

2. Tool Kit and Puncture Kit

A simple toolkit along with a Puncture Kit should be ideal to carry for a long ride. Even though a scooter has a closed body type, mostly any impact or accidents will affect the body and the internal parts will be safe. But it is ideal to have a small toolbox in hand in case of any emergencies.

Modern scooters come with alloy wheels and this makes flat tyres easy to fix with a puncture kit without any help from the mechanic. A puncture kit comes handy when you are exploring unknown places and uneven terrains.

3. Plastic Cover

There is a possibility that, heavy rains will wet the saddlebags and other electronic gadgets like cameras, GPS, smartphones, headsets and other devices inside the bag. So a big plastic cover or bag can be used to protect the bag, dress and electronic devices from heavy rains.

4. Tent and Sleeping Bag

There is a possibility that some remote place will have a shortage of hotels or dormitories. During these times, carrying around a tent and a sleeping bag will save you from trouble. At times, there will beautiful places where you would want to take a sleepover but cannot find a hotel nearby. These are the times when a tent or sleeping bag will be of much use for you.

5. License, ID Cards and Other Details

It is important to carry around drivers license, ID cards when travelling long distances as it will be the only proof of identity when you leave home. It is also important to carry RC book, Insurance, Pollution clearance certificate and health insurance details when going for a long ride.

6. First Aid

It is required for a rider to carry a first aid kit while going for long rides. A first aid kit will be helpful in dressing small wounds, cuts and bruises. Sometimes you may also meet up with fellow riders who need a first aid kit and you will be of much help to them also.

7. Keep Spares

When going for long rides, it is a good idea to keep a spare of your scooter keys, some backup cash as the ATMs and Online banking and Swiping may not always do its magic. Some spare of USB cables, a universal charger for mobile phones and camera batteries and extra clothes and plastic bags. Anything can happen down a road trip and it is best to face it fully prepared.

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