5 Easy To Do Tips To Get Top Mileage From Your Scooter

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You may be a person who rides regularly to the office and also does light commuting. Or you may also be an enthusiast who does occasional long rides. Whatever the case may be, getting best fuel efficiency is a matter for all, and it is not limited to anyone. Lower fuel efficiency is not only a matter of loss of money, but it is also a thing to take care of considering the riding habit and the mandatory requirement to pamper the vehicle and also, in turn, to pump out maximum fuel efficiency and power.

Back in India, where the country is more sensitive towards fuel costs. It is a matter of great concern that the fuel efficiency of vehicles is depleting day by day or not meeting the requirements of many. So, the time has come to take matters into the hands of yourself and spend time scrutinising your scooter and yourself for better fuel efficiency and also to save some extra cash on the go.

The following is some tips that can be used to get maximum fuel efficiency from your scooter.

1. Engine Oil

The engine oil of the scooter is the main lubricant that drives the engine without any wear and tear. It is necessary to fill the recommended grade of engine oil by the manufacturer to avoid any damage to the engine.

Changing engine oil at an interval of 3000 to 3500km is ideal as it provides good engine life and more fuel efficiency. A healthy engine produces more power with maximum fuel efficiency and it is advisable to keep the engine healthy at all times.

2. Air Filter

When combustion takes place inside the engine cylinder, fuel and air mixtures to derive power. The scooter gets air from the surrounding and it passes through the air filter. The air filter will filter out any impurities present in the air to provide a complete combustion. But if the air filter is not filtering out the impurities, then incomplete combustion will take place inside the cylinder and results in carbon deposition cylinder heads and lower fuel efficiency and poor engine performance. It is hence, very necessary to change or clean air filter at regular intervals of time.

3. Periodic Maintenance

It is mandatory to have the scooter checked up with and maintenance during periodic intervals. The moving parts of the scooter should also be lubed up for effective functioning. Moerver, the careful scrutiny of spark plugs, forks, suspension, electrical wiring and other cables like accelerator cable and brake cable is a must.

The Period Maintenance and its details will be available in the owners manual and it is essential that the scooter must undergo periodic maintenance to ensure fit and safety.

4. Tyre Pressure

Maintaining optimum tyre pressure is a basic thing everyone can do to keep the mileage of the scooter high.
A less tyre pressure will give more stress to the engine and it has to burn more fuel than its required if had the optimum tyre pressure.

5. Riding Style

Finally, it all comes to this. What makes mileage difference between users after doing all these above tips is how they treat their machines. If you are a harsh rider who gives unwanted throttle and apply brakes more than required, then you will only get less fuel efficiency and overall poor engine life.

A gentle rider will give throttle gradually and will inspect the events that happen on the road. While riding, the rider should be self-trained to give a gradual acceleration, then only the engine can provide an essential feedback and power. Oly through careful riding can only one derive maximum mileage from the machines.

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