10 Easy to Do CheckList Before Buying A Scooter

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If you are reading this, then you must have made up your mind to buy a scooter for yourself or is convinced that a scooter could make your life much easier than a motorcycle. Well, whatever the reason is, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive checklist of things to follow before purchasing a scooter for yourself.

1. Ergonomics

The first thing, that should be considered before buying a scooter is the ergonomics. Any feature rich scooter will be a disappointment without a comfortable riding position, handle height and foot space. Since buying a scooter is more about convenience, the ergonomics should be given more importance while shortlisting a scooter for buying.

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The scooter you much choose must have comfortable seat height and it should have ample seat space for two people to travel. The floorboard should be spacious for free leg movement. The seat should be wide and flat, and the rider should not slide or comes forward while braking. The handlebar should be set at a height where the rider could easily sit and ride the scooter in a relaxed position.

2. Comfortable Seat

An essential part of a scooter is its seat and its design characteristics. Most modern scooters come with neatly stitched and carefully design well-cushioned e seat to enhance the riding experience. Moreover, what makes the scooter more pleasurable to ride is its seat.

Hence, before buying a scooter, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the seat is comfortable with enough cushions and padding. A wide and flat seat will ensure that the rider as well as the pillion won't slide forward while breaking. While choosing the seat comfort, it is also very important to check the seat height and the foot peg location for the pillion rider. Footpegs should be set at a comfortable height according to the seat height to make the pillion seat relaxedly while riding.

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3. Suspension System

Since scooters are very popular in India, the manufacturers are implementing advanced features to make the scooter more comfortable than ever before. Modern scooters are now equipped with telescopic suspension system at the front and gas charged rear suspension and the back and ditched the old link type suspension setup. The upgrading from the old link type to more advanced suspension makes the scooter more comfortable while riding through bumps, jolts, gutters and uneven paths very easily. An advanced and modern suspension setup absorbs any shocks caused by uneven terrains without passing it down to the rider.

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A good suspension will reduce strain or stress to the rider as well as the pillion. Moreover, the riding quality of the scooter increases with a more advanced suspension. It is hence, very important to choose a scooter that comes with a better suspension system.

4. Braking

In the braking section, scooters always lagged behind motorcycles. But now, scooters also comes with disc brakes and even some premium scooters come equipped with ABS technology also. When compared to motorcycles, scooters do not have engine braking and the braking system is the only option to rely upon.

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Hence, an advanced braking system is required. A front disc brake and a rear drum brake system setup should opt as a minimum standard and nothing less than that should not be considered while buying a scooter.

Now, manufacturers come with the combined braking system, which is a method of applying dual braking system so as to make braking distributing the front and rear wheels to give a more balanced and stable braking.

5. Fuel Filling Cap

Back in the old days, a scooter owner should have to open the under seat storage to access the fuel filling cap. It was a time-consuming task that needs more effort. But now modern scooters come with external fuel filling cap to make things easier for users to refill fuel.

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An external fuel filling cap is a must while buying a scooter and this feature will be more convenient and the rider won't have to open the seat to have a refuel.

6. Underseat Storage

Since, the scooter is considered to be a family vehicle, a very generous under-seat storage should be a basic requirement to carry essentials from the market, keep groceries, shopping bags etc. Now scooters come with more than 20 litres of under seat storage to meet the requirements. The storage should be lit up with an under storage light and should be wide and deep for carrying around essentials safely.

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7. Mobile Charging

Modern scooters come with the mobile charging system. Since this is a digital world, you will want to charge the smartphone while moving and exploring new places, add pictures and socialize with your friends over the internet and so on. A USB charging port right on your scooter will make things easy and this should be an important thing to consider while buying a scooter.

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8. Instrument Cluster

Gone are the analogue days, now everything is digital and modern scooters come with the digital cluster, yet there are also scooters that come with analogue meters. But what makes the Digital more attractive is that it comes with more features like, trip meters, clock, side stand indicator, service remainder along with standard rpm meter and speedometer. These type of advanced features are missing in analogue meters and thus the Instrument Cluster should be checked before buying a scooter.

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9. Headlamps

Bright headlamps are a must while riding through the night and in low light areas. Scooters now come up with LED headlamps for better visibility and this is a must to check before buying a scooter.

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10. Tyres

Modern scooters come with Tubeless tyres, this will ensure that the air inside the tyre will not leak immediately after a puncture. It is a must to check whether the scooter comes with a tubeless tyre or a tyre with tube.

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Tubeless tyres are easy to fix as there is no requirement to seal any tubes inside the tyre and a simple puncture sealant will be required to fix a flat tyre with a scooter equipped with tubeless tyres.

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