Best Scooters For Long Rides

When the word "long rides" comes to mind, beautiful valleys, breathtaking mountains, unknown roads, and beautiful experiences come to mind. Among these things we also think about the motorcycles, we have to use to fulfil this audacious expedition. There are people who like to live their life on the edge, there are people who want to try different things, and there are also people who take risks and taste the outcome whatever good or bad that brings to them, and true adventure and the mysterious and hidden mountains and valleys await them to get explored.

In India, for many, long rides are meant to be done with a powerful motorcycle that should withstand the misery and hardships of covering long distances, extreme weather conditions, uneven roads and so on, this kind of roadblocks also make people second guess their underpowered motorcycles and its capacity to cover this adventurous journey. But, things have changed and now thanks to modern technology, we can now use any type of motorcycles or scooters for long rides, and only the mindset and capacity of the rider that comes to play when choosing which vehicles to go with.

Now, with the change in mindset of people and with the coming of modern technology and powerful engines. Scooter are also considered for long rides by many. The sole reason of low-cost maintenance, higher fuel efficiency provided by scooters can also be the considered to be the reason for this shift.

Even though, choosing the ride for oneself is a personal preference and choice, we have also made a list of scooters to make your picks easy. The following is a list of scooters that can be used to explore untouched lands and find new experiences with maximum comfort and safety.

1. Aprilia SR 150

The SR 150 is the most powerful sports scooter available in India right now. This Italian power scooter comes from the renowned superbikes maker Aprilia. The racing inspired making and aesthetics of the SR 150 really make it more desirable.

Aprila SR 150

The SR 150 uses an adopted 154.80 cc 4 stroke engine found in the Vespa SXL and VXL 150 models. The big 150cc engine produces a maximum power of 10.4 bhp @ 6750 rpm and 11.4 Nm torque @ 5000 rpm. The big 150cc engine is what makes the Aprilia SR 150 ideal for a long ride. Since the amount of torque and power produced by this scooter comes par with the range of motorcycles sold across India, the SR 150 could be an ideal choice for petrol heads. It also features a front disc brake along with telescopic forks and hydraulic shock absorbers for both front and rear.

SR 150 comes with big 14-inch diameter wheels on the front and rear with tubeless tyres making it more stable and sturdy while riding in uneven terrains and broken pathways. The big rear tyre lessens the revolution of the engine and increase the speed for covering distances and makes it easy to cover long distances with ease.

Delhi Ex-showroom Price: INR 69248/-

2. Hero Maestro Edge

The Maestro Edge is a robust and masculine looking scooter and this styling attracts males more than any other scooters. The Edge comes with a robust looking body and a powerful engine that can be used as a perfect commuter as well a tourer.

Hero Maestro Edge

The Maestro comes with USB charging port, 22 litres under seat storage and technologies like engine Immobilizer to make it more attractive. The Maestro uses High Rigidity Under Bone Type chassis and a Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers at the front and a Unit swing with spring loaded Hydraulic damper rear suspension.

Hero has provided a 110cc engine in the Edge that has the capacity to produce 8.31 BHP @ 8000 rpm and an 8.30 NM peak torque maximum @ 6500 rpm. Hero assures a mileage of 51km/litres with the Edge and this is impressive and good for people taking long rides as it brings down the total cost of fuel for the trip.

Delhi Ex-showroom Price: INR 50,330

3.Jupiter Classic

We have included the Jupiter Classic in the list mainly due to the new cosmetic additions and paint jobs that come with the classic. The windshield that comes mounted in the Classic really helps the rider when going for long rides. The Classic also comes with a pillion back rest that makes the pillion rider comfortable on long rides.

Jupiter Classic

When looking at the engine section, the Jupiter Classic sports the same 110 cc engine used in the Jupiter that produces a power of 8 bhp @ 7500 rpm and 8.4 Nm of torque @ 5500 rpm. A very high rigid and robust underbone type chassis holds this scooter together along with Advanced Telescopic Suspension is employed at the Front of the Jupiter while a Gas Charged Monoshock suspension is used at the rear. TVS has provided Tubeless tyres at the front and rear. The kerb weight of the Jupiter Classic is 108 kg and this scooter gives out a good mileage of 62 km per litre.

Delhi Ex-showroom Price: INR 55,266

4. Access 125

What makes the Access 125 different from the other 125cc class of scooters is its very powerful engine. The Access 125 has a Steel body and fenders, neat styling as well as a well-made body design. Suzuki has provided Alloy wheels with tubeless tyres on this scooter, and comes with a Telescopic, Coil Spring, Oil Damped Front Suspension and a Swing Arm Type, Coil Spring, Oil Damped Rear Suspension.

Suzuki Access 125

The inclusion of a bigger 6-litre fuel tank makes the Access usable in long journeys. The 124.00cc 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled OHC engine produces 8.7 Ps @ 7000 rpm and a Nm @ 5000 rpm. Suzuki has made the engine very friction less and this makes the Access 125 more rich and refined while delivering power. The Access comes with a top mileage of 54 km per litre and weighs 115 kg.

Delhi Ex-showroom Price: INR 55,266

5. Aviator 125

The Aviator 125 is one of the most feature riched scooter ever launched by Honda in India. But however, the Aviator failed to catch the attention mainly due to the Activa and partly due to its different body design. The Aviator is the first among the Honda scooters to showcase a front disc brake.

Honda Aviator

The Aviator comes loaded with a 109cc, 4-Stroke, Single cylinder, Air cooled, OHC engine. It generates maximum power of 8 bhp @ 8000 rpm and maximum peak torque of 8.77 Nm @ 5500 rpm. The Aviator could reach a top speed of 84 kmph and is 102 kg, which is 6kg less than the new Activa 4G.

The Aviator showcase an excellent Combi braking system and a Puncture resistant tuff up tube which is a boon while travelling long distance and exploring unknown places. A Maintenance free battery and viscous air filter with large and spacious storage and comfortable seat are provided to make the Aviator 125 fit for long rides.

Delhi Ex-showroom Price: INR 54,022

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