Yamaha Qbix: A Scooter With A New-Age Look

Yamaha QBix Scooter

Yamaha has always been in the race to build innovative products to empower lives and the ace motor company has now made an iconic futuristic scooter named as Qbix. First launched in 2017 at the Bangkok International Motor Show, this scooter is all set to hit the Thailand market very soon.This automatic scooter is set up with modern engineering and has all that the future needed. The Qbix showcase a modern form and is made to provide transportation in a more environment-friendly way.

Yamaha QBix Scooter

Yamaha Qbix Design
The design of the Qbix is inspired from modern concepts and the scooter looks like it is scraped from a sci-fi movie. The Qbix has all the look and feel of a scooter out from the future. Yamaha has done a great job at making the scooter a perfect blend of modern design and technology carved in a single package.

Yamaha QBix Scooter Black

A cutting edge look accompanied by frame box look alike front apron makes this scooter extraordinary and It has trendy LED headlamps in front accompanied by a full led back side light which stands so unique making it look like a machine from future.

Full LED Head Lamp
The Full Led Head Lamp provide more visibility at night. The design queues of this modern head lamp give the Qbix a future concept design and functionality. The design stands of the head light design made by the Yamaha engineers are worthy to hold praise and the company succeeded in providing a concept style design which stands out from the conventional styling of scooter sold across the globe.

Yamaha QBix Scooter Full Led Head Lamp

The turn indicators of this scooter are placed at both the end side of the box like front apron accompanied by a Yamaha logo engraved at the bottom completing the design queue of this automatic scooter.

Full LCD Digital Meter
The new Qbix comes with an all new Digital Instrument cluster which is full of multi colours. The full LED Digital Display of the Qbix showcase brilliant functionality and visibility at night and displays all the necessary details required for the rider.

Yamaha QBix Scooter Digital Cluster

The cluster showcases various light indicators like dim and bright as well as a stylish digital speedometer. A Yamaha logo is also shown illuminated in the dashboard. The look and feel of the speedometer give the aesthetics of what Yamaha has achieved over the years in technology and whole digital screen stands close with the entire design stance of this modern scooter.

Under Storage System Q BOX 22.5L
The big under seat storage of the Qbix is ideal for city use and transporting essentials easily. Yamaha has carefully designed the under-seat storage of the scooter to be more friendly to use around on the go.

Yamaha QBix Scooter Big Storage

The big under-seat storage capacity of 22.5 litres could easily store two helmets both for the rider and the pillion with ease. The under-seat storage also has illumination making it easy to operate it under no lights or in underground parking lots with little illumination easily.

Braking System of The Qbix

Yamaha QBix Scooter ABS

The breaking of the Qbix is done with ABS braking system. This scooter also comes with an automatic brake pressure control and Lock wheel protection making it safe and secure to ride in all terrains comfortably. Yamaha also provides Qbix version without ABS as well.

Yamaha QBix Scooter Big 12 Inch Tyre

The big 12-inch trendy wheels with 140 mm rubber front are provided in the Qbix to make it more stable at higher speeds. The big tyres also make it easy to ride along heavy traffic we must ease. Yamaha has provided the big tyres on the QBIX ABS and QBIX S version only.

Mobile Charging Point
A smart mobile charging equipment is provided to charge gadgets like smartphones and iPods. This is a much-needed feature as the life of the humans are becoming more digital than ever.

Yamaha QBix Scooter Mobile Charger USB

Smart Key System
This futuristic scooter comes with a Smart intelligent key system which can be used to easily control the scooter. The additional Multi-Function switch also helps to Start or stop the engine, lock and unlock Oil tank and this comes as a standard fitting for the Qbix ABS version.

Yamaha QBix Scooter Smart Key System

Full LED Tail Light
A Full LED tail light is showcased in Qbix. The adoption of Full LED lights is to provide more visibility while at night.

Yamaha QBix Scooter Full Led Tail Light

The tail lamp is designed uniquely to provide a futuristic look and a Yamaha log is also present at the tail lamp board. The entire design of the rear side gives a new age design and contemporary design stance for this scooter.

Yamaha Qbix 125 Engine
The Qbix showcase a powerful 125 CC Single cylinder, Water cooled 4-stroke, SOHC Engine that is integrated with the Yamaha Blue Core Technology. The new engine helps to optimize the fuel combustion and also reduces power losses and increases performance.

Yamaha QBix Scooter Red Side View

The new Qbix also comes with a new technology called Stop Start System that has an Intelligent Stop Start System to reduce fuel consumption. With this unique technology, the engine stops automatically within 5 seconds when the engine is idle and the engine resume when it gets the throttle immediately, this helps to save more fuel and reduce pollution. This feature is an attempt from Yamaha to make a vehicle which will cause less harm to the environment.

Color and Availability
Yamaha Qbix is available in Dark Brown Blue and Black. Qbix S variant is available in Grey Red, Grey Brown and Grey Black while the ABS variant of the scooter is available in White Grey only.

With the introduction of modern scooters by Honda like the Cliq and Zoomer-X in India, there is a great possibility that Yamaha will showcase this futuristic scooter as a big competitor in the country and we could expect a possible appearance of the new Yamaha Qbix at the 2018 Auto Expo.

Technical Specifications Of Yamaha QBix
Engine125 CC Single cylinder, Water cooled 4-stroke, SOHC
Diameter X Steps52,4 mm x 57,9 mm
The Compression Ratio9,5 : 1
IgnitionTCI (Transistor Control Ignition)
Fuel SystemFuel injection (Blue Core)
StarterElectric & kick starter
TransmssionDry, Centrifugal automatic V-belt automatic
P x L x T1860mm X 710mm (standard), 740mm (S &ABS) X 1066mm
Seat Height775mm
The Lowest distance to the Ground135mm
Wheelbase1280 mm
Tank capacity4.2 L
Front suspensionTelescopic
Rear suspensionUnit Swing
Front Tire100/90 (standard), 110/90 (S&ABS)
Rear Tire130/70 (standard), 140/70-12 (S&ABS)
Front BrakeDisc - ABS
Rear BrakeDrum
The Weight Of The Contents– QBIX Standard 103 kg– QBIX S 106 kg– QBIX ABS 108 kg

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When will the QBIX be available in EUROPE
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Lovely Scooter Already a BIG Yahama fan owing RX 100 very very happy with Yahama and would also like to buy Yahama Qbix Scooter can I get details on my mail I'd
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This is a new scooter that's not even launched in India, this is not the Kinetic you ride, this is Yamaha.
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Old model scooter
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