Ather S340 Review - The Future of Two Wheeler Innovation

Crafting technology while possessing minimal a threat to the society is what the modern world is looking up to, however, technology has to make a huge leap around the sedentariness associated with the minds of the one using it.

Now, with almost every nations tightening up pollution norms and moving away from resources that add bulk carbon foot prints, the more future centric and eco-friendly means of using electric power as a primary fuel has gained more popularity. Electric vehicles have always been a point of interest for the environmentally friendly, but the technical know-how of implementing this eco-friendly fuel alternative with success was one of the most sought out innovations by man kind.

Added to this list is Ather Energy, a Bangalore based startup company that specialises on bi-wheelers that use electric energy to operate. In the near future, Ather Energy will have a modern vehicle to offer; Ather340, a one of a kind modern scooter that runs on electric power and found a place under Central Government's FAME scheme.

Ather S340

Design: A minimalistic Design
A sculpted design flows from head to tail of this modern scooter. A front to rear weight ratio and a rear mono shock suspension reflects design inspiration drawn from performance bikes and the scooter showcase a dynamic silhouette with a kicked out rear wheel that adds with a distinct forward leaning profile, all these confirm the sportier look stance of the S340.

Ather S340 Scooter

Dashboard: Navigation Assist and Ride Profile
The Ather S340 features a touchscreen dashboard that connects the rider and the scooter. Unlike many vehicles that have an embedded chip based system to control the entire functions of the vehicles, the S340 has an over the air firmware system that controls the entire functioning of the motorcycle.

Moreover, the dashboard allows to chose ride modes - sports and economy according to needs and users can also make customizable riding profiles. The rider profiles can also be accessed from a mobile phone by through a dedicated application, and via this app, riders could be able to customise the entire ride, add or modify profile preferences and sync navigation routes with the dashboard.

Ather S340 Riding Posture

The 7-inch dashboard provides 24x7 connectivity, which remains as an invisible cord with Ather. The vehicle's critical data is constantly analysed and regular improvements are made with over the air firmware and software updates, so a new feature could be added via air with ease.

Every S340 is monitored with Cloud based algorithms to protect and prevent any damage to critical parts and this ensures that the scooter is always in a healthy state.

The S340 has a minimalist design follow up but yet the scooter is tested on high endurance conditions to test its reliability so as to meet the requirements of the daily scenarios.

Ather S340

Engine and Other Features: Optimised For Ride Quality
The S340 smart scooter derives its power from a 3KWh electric motor powered by a 40Amp battery. This electric scooter can achieve a top speed of 72kmph up to a range of 60km with full battery charge and comes with power efficient features like smart LED headlamps that switch on automatically and controls light intensity based on ambient lighting conditions and customizable riding modes for maximum efficiency.

The company has provided charging ports available across selected places and the location coordinates of these places can be accessed through the scooter dashboard itself. The overall make and engine performance of this scooter is made to make commuting easier in cities and the build quality and relaxed riding posture add to the maximum comfort of riding in heavy traffic and on highways with much ease.

Ather s340 Spec

Battery: Quick Charge Battery
The battery of this scooter charges from 0 to 80% in 50 mins top and comes with safety features like disc brakes at both ends along with sturdy alloy wheels and weights at 90 kg, it is lighter than any other scooters in the market.

Ather S340 Parts

Officially announced in February 2016, the Ather Energy has started taking pre-booking interest for Ather S340 through their official website with a home delivery option by tying up with sales partners. The S3640 will roam the Indian street within a few months and this Innovative Indian electric scooter will be on the motorcycle world map very soon.

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