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In a first of its kind, a Swiss scooter manufacturer - Quadro, has come with a state-of-the-art four wheeled scooter that uses tilt technology to manoeuvre itself wherever it goes.

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While it certainly isn't big news concerning scooters, as we are already pretty much accustomed to 3-wheeled scooters, a 4-wheeled scooter is a world-first and it surely has triggered my curiosity. Simply known as the Quadro4, the scooter made its first appearance at the EICMA 2014 held at Milan. Terming this to be a simple scooter would more of an understatement but this is purely a work of art in tune with sophisticated engineering. The scooter changes directions with the dual Hydraulic Tilting System (HTS), which includes independent suspension i.e each wheel gets its own shock absorber or to put it in plain English, each wheel is free to bounce however it wants without upsetting anything else. The scooter is equipped with a mighty 346cc engine, the power from this is transferred to the wheels via an automatic transmission and makes use of a dual belt drive to spin the wheels. Safety has not taken a backseat while designing this scooter of the future; a combined braking system (CBS) for all the four wheels, further enriched by 240mm disc brakes on all fours - the combined effect of all four wheels braking at the same time ensures lower risk of dynamic instability.


An electronic integrated differential makes sure that all four wheels run at a speed that provides better traction, which is especially useful while handling tight corners. The engine that powers the Quadro4 is a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid cooled, 346cc engine that uses fuel-injection. Max power is rated at 30 hp @ 7500 RPM and Torque at 24.5 Nm @ 5000 RPM. The whole machine weighs a massive 257 kg, which has a lot to do with all the suspension and four wheels that's part of the package. The company has designed the exhaust unit to run down the chassis and ends between the two rear wheels, enabling better cornering ability. The company claims that the Quadro4 could bank at a 45 degree angle without the risk of scraping the body or endangering the rider to fall off. The Swiss company that already manufactures such scooters based on the tilt technology makes use of effectively displacing the centre of gravity to make the scooter move around but not having to invest in setting the scooter straight back again as the design of the scooter itself would automatically set the scooter straight.


As a scooter, it comes complete with ample storage space located under the seat. Outlets have been provided on the scooter to plug in media/smartphone devices. The exterior styling of the 'quad-scooter' has a sporty yet edgy finish to it. The front fascia looks particularly sporty and is equipped with a sporty looking headlamp cluster. The scooter would be available in three colors - Swiss Red, Titanium Grey and Raw Black. However, there are no still details of when it will be launched and where it will be made available. Pricing for the scooter is also yet to be known.


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Is this available In Pakistan what is the final cost of this . It is on fuel or electric?
By Sidra on 04-06-2022
I would like to know when one will be available and what it will cost,
By Howard Reisdorf on 13-12-2021
How manye rs
By Cheemala Naveen on 27-11-2021
where can i buy one??
By Wayne Hamilton on 17-10-2021
Will the scooter topple when taking hairpin curves?
By Mathew Cherian on 31-08-2021
Kya ye bike india me kharidi ja skti h Or iska india me prize kitna hoga
By Aisf on 02-08-2021
Kindly confirm the on which fuel the bike run or it run on electricity.
if it run on electricity please provide the price of same model
my contact 8275526646
By Pratik Mahajan on 23-04-2021
I am interested in purchasing one where can I find one in the State of Texas please let me know as soon as possible.
By Rick Blalock on 16-04-2021
By Roy Clark Iii on 08-03-2021
ప్రియమైన సర్,
నేను శారీరకంగా వికలాంగుల వర్గానికి చెందినవాడిని, ఈ సైకిల్ 4 చక్రాలు కొనాలనుకుంటున్నాను., నేను ఎంత కొనుగోలు చేస్తాను మరియు దాని ధర ఎంత
దయచేసి నన్ను సంప్రదించండి నాకు ఈ ఉత్పత్తి అవసరం మీది

Koda ,rambabu
By Koda Rambabu on 04-01-2021
How much 8977566028 contact me
By Koda Rambabu on 04-01-2021
Please callme I need this bike 7010333062
By Sangeetha on 20-10-2020
What company sells these in the US and where can I buy one. harold.p.williams@gmail.com
By Harold P Williams on 19-10-2020
I would like to buy this bike, how much is it I live in the USA please contact me C_AVONIEREED@YAHOO.COM
By Cee on 29-07-2020
Want to buy this impressive 4 wheeles bike..... Plz give d launch date vanue and price details when avail..... Mbl 9101024445
By Prakash Kalita on 14-02-2020
Dear sir,
I am from physically handicapped category I want to buy this bicycle 4 wheeled. I am from India how I buy and how much it's price
Kindly contact me I needed this product

Yours thankful,
Umar Xargar.
P no. +917006480223.
By Umar Zargar on 17-07-2019
जब कभी भी यह बाइक इंडिया में आए मुझे इन्फॉर्म करदेना यह मेरा नंबर है 8789521018
By Md Anis Ansari on 18-02-2019
I would like to buy this bike, when it will launch in india and what is expected price
By Binuraj on 31-12-2018
I am intrested to buy this . Please contact me on 9435624480
By Gaurav Agarwall on 26-09-2018
Quadro4 bike what is the rate of this bike
By K.sarjan Raju on 21-09-2018
Hi sir plz tell me the prize plz plz tell me
By Kollati Sarjanraju on 21-09-2018
Hi sir plz tell me the prize plz plz tell me
By Kollatisarjanraju1393@gamil.com on 21-09-2018
I want right now how much cost in india 250cc or 350 cc
By Rajesh on 14-09-2018
When would it launch in India? How about service center and parts when needed?
By Fahim on 11-09-2018
i also want this scooter i lv this ... whats this scooter price in india..?
By Shivam Verma on 10-09-2018
I want this bike.... It's price in India
By Muthu's Kumaran on 09-09-2018
Is it available in India ? What's the price?
By John Douglas Coutinho on 09-09-2018
Indian prize . . . 75.000.00/- lakh
By Altaf Lakha on 09-09-2018
I want this bike... It's price and when it's launch in India my num 8940772226
By Mohameed Harrish on 08-09-2018
Super to super and nice bike. Safety bike physical handicappd's uses more help.

And How much this bike rate in India price.
Next I will purchasing
Thank you all of you's
By Krishnanaik. D on 08-09-2018
i want this bike indian price how much
By Kashif Firoz on 07-09-2018
When it's goin to launch in India. What it will be it's price please reply.
By Dharmendra Devraj Solanki on 06-09-2018
Send Indian price
By Mohammed Khan on 23-07-2018
send Indian price
By Mohammed Khan on 23-07-2018
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By Pintu on 21-07-2018
I want this bike 9114412441
By Pintu on 21-07-2018
hi sir i want perches quadro4 in pakistan please send me your content numbr
By Shafqat on 15-07-2018
I want this scooter, so please inform indian prise , how can I take it my contact no 8001190011
By Debabrata Dey on 13-07-2018
Wow much price
By Aamir on 09-07-2018
What is tha prise of quardo4 in Pakistan
By Naeem Khokhar on 11-06-2018
I want this scooter how much money contact number 908 562 7738 or 663 866 1625
By Ashok on 10-06-2018
Kaha milegi price kya hogi India me miljyegi
By Aamir on 09-07-2018
Please inform me about price & availability
By M Shetti on 30-05-2018
Can I get this in india
By Pravin Dharne on 10-04-2018
Wonderful vehicle,can get one in India?. How to get it ? And what is the price my contact number in Whatsapp,7012882910
By Anup Kurian on 27-02-2018
when is it launching in india ?? what is the price range ??
By Kaushik Prajapati on 21-02-2018
Are these available in the US?
By Larry Traister on 12-03-2018
I want this
By Bijender on 07-01-2018
when is it launching in india and what's the price of it????
By Harsh on 26-11-2017
I want that bike my content 9052292221
By Tarun Dave on 06-10-2017
I want this Scooter my contac 9075073346
By Amol Gawai on 13-09-2017
I want this scooter
By Amol Gawai on 12-09-2017
What is tha prise of quardo4
By Niscahy on 19-08-2017
I want this scooter
By Ganesh Kumar Lohra on 20-07-2017
My contact no 9668182217
By Lokanath Sahoo on 12-07-2017
Plaes request to quadro4wheel scooter company. In India lunch date inform to my email
By Lokanath Sahoo on 12-07-2017
I wish this gets launched in India waiting to book 2 units
By Froy on 07-04-2017
Good news ,good concept,interesting would like to the price and launch date.
By B H Kapadia on 15-07-2015
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