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Of course, one of the best selling scooters in India. The Pleasure was started production when Hero partnered with Honda. Even after the split-up of that partnership, Hero has been still manufacturing the Pleasure. Unfortunately, the Pleasure has not been got any updates rather than new graphics and paint works. Still, the Pleasure has everything uploaded to sustain generations. Above all, it’s from the world’s no. 1 two-wheeler firm. What else a customer needs when he/she plans to buy the Pleasure.

New Hero Pleasure

Simplicity is the key formula behind the design of the Pleasure. The scooter is nothing great to look at. But, it contains something standard appearance which makes none to dislike it. However, it seems like the design is outdated. Hero is still keeping the design since its birth in 2005. On the other hand, its hardcore rivals the Activa has already gone for a facelift. So, it’s time for Hero to update the Pleasure. In fact, the right time to update the machine has already gone past. Well, there is some interesting news that Hero is at the final stage to launch the updated pleasure with new generation features and design. Let’s patiently wait for that day.

New Hero Pleasure

Engine, and Performance
The Pleasure comes with a 102cc, Air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder OHC engine delivering a peak power of 5.03 KW @ 7000 RPM and a peak torque of 7.85 Nm @ 5000 RPM. It is coupled with an automatic transmission. The heart placed under the hood is taken from Honda’s R&D only, but slightly tuned specially to match Indian conditions by Hero MotoCorp. Moreover, the engine is powerful and you could feel the power especially as the scooter weighs only 104 kgs.

Hero Pleasure

Ergonomics and Riding Comfy
In fact, there is nothing much with its riding comfort. It’s a scooter only and it has many downs since it is mated with smaller tyres. The outdated spring-loaded hydraulic damper suspension is the other major dislike equipped in the Pleasure. Hero engineers must know that it’s time to switch to telescopic suspension, which ensures a better drive for riders. Well, the ergonomics is comfortable. Anyone can easily manage the scooter. The handle bar, riding position and foot board are simply cool. The switches, meter console, and brake levers are easily accessible as well. And you could you choose it if you have short runs, and city rides. There you can freak out with the Pleasure.

Hero Pleasure

The Pleasure is capable to give back something around 45 kmpl mileage, which is absolutely cool for a scooter mated with automatic transmission.

Hero Pleasure

The Pleasure might be the cheapest scooter in the class. It is priced only Rs. 47,515 on-road Delhi, whereas its rivals have the ex-showroom price that comes around the Pleasure’s on road tag.

New Hero Pleasure

The Pleasure is certainly one of the best selling scooters in India due to the high reputation of Hero MotoCorp. But, I can’t say that the Pleasure is one of the best deals available in the market. The scooter seems entirely outdated. The design, features, suspension, and engine. Still, it is offered with the cheapest price tag in the class. It’s already proven. Moreover, the scooter is from Hero. So you can get the best after sales service. And the spare parts are really inexpensive as well. So are you gonna bid one or not?

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  1. Tamanna Gautam

    I think the bst Scooter 4 gels izzzz…. Activate I
    Nd all the style loving gels should go for it…

  2. wasim

    I also have a new pleasure 102 cc but i want to know what is the special thing in that and what’s the milage of this scooter.

  3. Girish jain

    I want to by new pleasure . Exchange my old two wheerl

  4. vanrajsinh

    Hero pleasure prices

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