TVS Scooty Streak - Review

TVS is the finest firm to provide moped-like scooters in the Indian market. Their Scooty brand is one such a gorgeous piece in the scooter line-up. Even though Scooty models are not known for performance, they are built in unique design that really stands out even among the supersport machines. Still, is the Scooty streak all about its style? Doesn't it have anything more than the looks? Let's have a detailed check.

TVS Scooty Streak

It's never adorable. But, of course, it has unique design. The moped front is the highlight of the Streak. It proclaims the arrival of the scooter. Certainly, the Streak owns a cute design which can easily trap lady riders to TVS outlets to own one. It is definitely not meant for men, but only for women. It's outlook itself describes the body language of hot chicks. Isn't it? Seems like so.

TVS Scooty Streak

Engine, and Performance
The Scooty Strak is powered by the same heart that powers the Scooty Pep +. That's an 87,8cc, 4 Stroke, Single cylinder forced air cooled engine boost up the two-wheeler to deliver a peak power of 3.68 kW / (5 bhp) @ 6500 rpm and a peak torque of 5.8 Nm @ 4000 rpm. It's coupled with an automatic transmission.

TVS Scooty Streak

Mobile Charger: Recharge your mobile phones on the go. The firm has provided an inbuilt plug-in charger in the lockable glove box and the cell is safe there.

External Fuel Fill: No refuel the tank without getting up from the seat. Those days are gone away. It is pathetic, if you're still following the traditional way to refuel the petrol tank. Switch to the Streak now itself.

Eazy Center Stand: With the most ease park your scooter. It's absolutely effortless to put the scooter on the center stand. Anyone can easily do it.

Comfort Seat: It has better seating with high-dnsity MDI polyurethane foam, which gives a luxury coach for both the rider and pillion.

Super-tough ABS Panels: It provides a superior fit and finish to the scooter.

LED Tail Lamps: This stunts anyone's eyes. It really asks you to stare at the machine at least for a while, especially when the brake is applied. In nights, chasing down the Streak will be even entertainer.

TVS Scooty Streak

Ergonomics and Riding Comfy
This is just a scooter and you can't ask for great comfy. It is mated with small 90 x90 - 10 tyres and is offered with base suspension specifications only. Still, you can enjoy a good ride. If is certainly fun in cities. You can ease the machine through city traffics.

TVS Scooty Streak

The Scooty Streak is never a great option in today's scootering. The market is available with plenty of models. There are more powerful, more economical, and more stylish scooters than the Scooty Streak. But, the Streak is carrying something. That's the tradition of Scooty brand. If you're a true fan of Scooty, you can't miss the style. Graphics, and the ambiance of the Streak. And for this only you should buy it.

TVS Scooty Streak

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