ZEV 10 LRC - The Fastest and the Longest Range Electric Scooter in the World.

Here we have the fastest electric scooter in the world. So far we had met only electric machines those were sleepy and stingy in performance. Shutting down the depression of all hybrid fans, the USA electric vehicle manufacturer, Z Electric Vehicle (ZEV) has introduced the fastest electric scooter in the world, the 10 LRC. In fact, the 10 LRC is also the longest range electric scooter in the world. The scooter has been tagged a pricing of $13,900 in the US market.

"Its all about the range. We wanted to build the world's longest range electric bike for our commuter customer base," says the official website of Z Electric Vehicle.


The all new champion of ZEV takes the rider up to 225 km at a single charge at 88.5 kmph and up to 129 km at 112.6 kmph.

As per the Motorcycle Industry test procedure with a crouch, the top speed of the ZEZ 10 LRC is 121 kmph, which is not capable to high-end commuter bikes. The scooter produces maximum and continuous power of 15,000 watts. The 10 LRC is mated with a huge 10 Kw lithium battery package which is not seen in any electric scooters. This heavy battery package is also rare to be placed even in hybrid cars. This clearly reveals the power that ZEV wanted to create on their scooter. And the company has succeeded in it.


The 10 LRC is so stylish to attract millions of customers in to the store. It is well packed with a wind shield. A disc brake has been attached to its front wheel to make the rider confident even at high speeds. A couple of chrome finished rear view mirrors spells out some traditional structure to the bi-wheeler. The ergonomics of the 10 LRC is superb so as to include a rider and a pillion rider even for long drives. Along with the dual headlight the split seat ensures a sporty appearance to the machine. What is even more impressive is that the the wheelbase of the scooter. It has a wheelbase of 66.1 inches, which is larger the Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster. This simply explains how comfortable the ZEV 10 LRC would be. Additionally, a smaller 28 inch height seat makes the machine to be simple even for the short guys.

Zero S ZF 11 and Brammo Empulse R, which are tagged $15,999, and $18,995 respectively, are the major rivals of the ZEV 10 LRC.

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Last updated on 27-01-2019. Published on 16-04-2013.
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