Honda Launches Lead 125 in Vietnam

Honda Vietnam launched the Lead 125 scooter in Vietnam. The scooter has been priced 37.49 million VN? (~ Rs. 97,000) for the standard version and 38.49 million VN? (~ Rs. 1 lakh) for the premium version. Honda Lead 125 is global product, which will soon arrive in other markets including India. With the launch of the Lead 125, Vietnam became the fourth global market to export bi-wheelers for Honda after India, China and Thailand.

Honda Lead 125

The Lead 125 comes with a 124.92cc, PGM-FI, petrol, 4-cycle, 1-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. The scooter is capable to produce maximum power of 11.3 hp at 8500 rpm and maximum torque of 11.6 Nm at 5000 rpm. Automatic is the transmission of the scooter. The ESP (enhanced Smart Power) - the new generation smart 125cc engine also features some advanced technologies. It has integrated problem ACG, technology to reduce friction, perfect combustion, and electronic fuel injection system (PGM-FI). These features increase both performance and fuel efficiency.

Honda Lead 125

Honda has installed a new technology called 'Idling Stop' in it. With this the engine automatically gets shut off if the engine is not working for 3 or more seconds. Once the rider gives throttle, the engine automatically gets started without switching on the electric start. Its fuel tank is mated with control systems evaporation (EVAPO), which minimizes spreading of gasoline vapour into the air. Thus fuel efficiency is increased and becomes environmentally friendly too.

Honda Lead 125

To make the Lead 125 a beauty queen, Honda designers have done exceptional jobs here. The front body panel has been decorated with LED day time running light and the turn indicators have been placed close to it. This feels the scooter to be in premium class. The tail lamp is as luxurious as the front by being mated with stunning LEDs. The dashboard has been beautifully designed. Having all the necessary parameters such as clock speed, bar-style fuel gauges, and gauges speed, the rider gets things noticed at a mere glance.

Honda Lead 125

The ergonomics of the Lead 125 is superb, which ensures comfortable commuting. The scooter is equipped with a telescopic, hydraulic dampers front suspension and head springs, hydraulic shock absorber rear suspension. The Lead 125 is more spotted by couple of 5 spoke alloy wheels at both ends. While, the front wheel is wedded with a disc brake. Moreover, the premium version is comprised of combined braking system.

Honda Lead 125

The Lead 125 offers a massive 37 liter under seat space, which can easily include 2 helmets and some other personal stuffs.

As Honda Lead 125 is enriched with revolutionary features, it is damn sure that this scooter will be hot rival for all its opponents.

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Interested Honda lead like booking phone number 8667675360 Email address:
By Balamurugan on 05-05-2021
nice looking bike but still has small wheels
By Murray Mccallum on 27-12-2018
Honda lead I would love to ride but I hope the cost might has to be nearly 68thosands
By Anthony Fernandes on 20-07-2018
Me to isko dekh kar plagal ho gayi pichle do sal se item model nikale but mene nahi kharida because mujhe lead 125 hi chahiye please please I request jaldi lunch karo India me aur lunching date to show karo please
By Kiran Katariya on 29-05-2018
India me kab launch hogi
By Praveen Ranjwan on 30-08-2017
Indian me kab launch hogi
By Praveen Ranjwan on 30-08-2017
Kamse kam iski date malom honi chahiye ki market me kab milegi main intejar kar rha hu meri rikwest hai jaldi hi lanch kre....
By Ikhan on 12-08-2017
Dear sir / mam this scooter is very nice i want to buy this when it is launch in india chennai & what is the price. Pls send sms or mail. T.Q.
By Vaidyanathan on 17-07-2017
Launching date in india?
By Sudhir S Kadam on 09-07-2017
Please tell me when lunchtime in India kolkata
By Mohammad Reyazuddin on 28-08-2016
It's very attractive
By Eswar on 18-08-2016
I waiting honda lead. pls uniform launch date in india
By D K Gupta on 09-09-2016
I want to purchase Honda lead so when lunch India I am writing for this lead
By Sanjay Sonawane on 26-02-2017
Koi Kuch bole GA
By Aman Sharma Ranchi on 04-10-2016
Kab lunch hoga....
By Aman Sharma Ranchi on 04-10-2016
I m waiting for this scooter kab lunch ho rahi hai
By Najeebur Rahman on 12-11-2016
launch in india asap orelse il have to go fr sm other scooters like dio or jupiter
By Rayan on 13-03-2016
I m veting
By H Pawar on 01-08-2016
I am waiting
By Mohammad.amir on 06-06-2016
Kya patachala lead ke bare me muze kharidni ha I lekin showroom me mil nahi rahi plz connect me
By Pushpak on 09-07-2016
Iam waiting for this lead pls tell me launch date in karnataka
By Pavan on 04-05-2016
Come Honda lead 125 very good scotter .please come India market chennai
By Vijay Baskar on 22-06-2016
Nice kab lunch ho Raha hai
By Praveen on 03-06-2017
Please tell me the launching date of honda lead...... really waiting 4 it...
By Pradyumna Kumar Jena on 19-03-2017
I am waiting
By Bittu Singh on 16-06-2016
8months waiting when it's lonch Honda lead plz reply me
call me plz
By Bittu Singh on 14-06-2016
Bittu Singh 8months waiting when it's lonch Honda lead plz reply me
By Bittu Singh on 14-06-2016
Fast reply plz me
By Bittu Singh on 21-06-2016
We are anxiously waiting for test ride and booking ! Please announce the launch date in Bangalore without further delay.
By Kashinath D S on 03-05-2016
Being a great admirer of honda still I feel. Very unreasonable why. Honda is allowing the price of the scooter to touch a lakh on the road. Come on. Honda, we all like you, but please reduce the price of the upcoming Honda. Lead.
By Vara Prasad K on 15-04-2016
Me too waited long time for lead but not yet lunch in india, now going for Suzuki access 125 ....good features, pick up
By Vikas on 15-04-2016
At last Honda has realised that premium brand scooter with fully loaded features is required for Indian market. I am confident Indian customers won't disappoint !
By Kashinath D S on 24-04-2016
Pls lunching date
By Mohammad.amir on 03-03-2016
I am wating Karetahu
By Vahedkhan on 02-03-2016
By Abdul Wahid on 30-01-2016
wHeN iT vLl lAuNcH.eAgErLy wAiTiNg.pLz lAuNcH fAsTtTt
By Khushi on 29-01-2016
I am waiting fo launch
By Suraj Gupta on 28-11-2015
Please inform me when it launch.
By Surajit Chowdhury on 21-11-2015
I want to buy this souter. Please launch it December 2015.
By Surajit Chowdhury on 21-11-2015
Plz when Launch in India and booking date......
By A N Rudra on 06-10-2015
I am booking Honda lead125 l am waiting
By Ritesh Patil on 29-09-2015
Ple lnform booking date
By Ratheesh on 29-08-2015
Please when launch in India ..and rs...........
By Ratheesh on 29-08-2015
I like very this honda lead scooter. pls inform booking date.
By Ramana on 04-08-2015
Like this bike
By Vije on 24-07-2015
pls when launch in india
By Nanigopalroy on 09-07-2015
I want to buy honda lead 125 today
By Nanigopalroy on 09-07-2015
Need to book Honda lead.pls inform booking date.
By K Prakash on 05-07-2015
I want this when launch tall me
By Sami on 24-06-2015
I am waiting for lead test drive.
By Gopal Das on 12-04-2015
I am waiting
By Gaurav on 06-04-2015
i am also waiting... but wht is the price in india?
By Rupali on 26-02-2015
What's the price in india and when lunch this
By Abdulrahim Shaikh on 13-08-2014
I want honda lead.its really good.if it launch in india plz informed me.i m waiting for.thanke u
By Pintu Sett on 16-09-2014
ye kab lunch ho rahi h mai ise lene wala hu lekin 15 day ke andar agar lunch hoti ho to nahi to activa hi le lunga
By Teepu Sultan on 02-09-2014
Please stop waitingfor us.annonce d date.price.
By Nagaveniprasanna on 22-12-2014
may bohut wati korlaya or wati nahi hota mujsha. jo yello and whait ki baycolor hay na mujha o bali scooty chahi a o bala joldisha luanch kora do pls
By Raktika Das on 26-11-2014
honda lead 125 cc scooty nice chan
By Rakesh Pawar on 17-10-2014
Kab launch hogi honda lead 125 i am waiting.
By Pravin Solanke on 07-10-2014
By Md Sufian on 11-06-2014
I love Honda lead 125 so much
By Md Sufian on 09-06-2014
Honda Lead125 India me kab launch ho rahi scooty ko jalldi se jalldi launch karao..............
By Sudhir Adhikari on 30-04-2014
I fell in love with this scooter at 1st sight & am patiently waiting for its arrival in india I also hope this scooter will b within Rs40,000-Rs70,000
By Domanic Joseph Geevarghese on 11-04-2014
I want 1 pieces.
By Chitaranjan Barik. on 11-04-2014
What is price india ?
How much time take to come in Indian.
By Chitaranjan Barik. on 11-04-2014
I alike this baik I want bay now
By Eliyas on 17-01-2014
I Laik this baik very naice
By Eliyas on 17-01-2014
My Choice Honda lead125cc, so please launching time information by mail & sms. because 2scooters required.
By Shivam on 14-03-2014
Please tell me the launching date of honda lead...... really waiting 4 it...
By Devender Singh Verma on 01-12-2013
kab! kab ! kab ! launch ho rahi hai yeh scooty...........................
By Devender Verma on 26-09-2013
when will launch in india
By Parveen Utreja on 06-11-2013
nice model supar
what its correct prices in sri lanka ?
By Ahamed Shouqi on 31-08-2013
nice model, when it will come in india ........?
what its correct prices?
By Shinu on 07-08-2013
yeh india me kab launch ho gi me wait karra hu iska
By Ramandeep Singh on 23-07-2013
yeh kab launch ho gi
By Ramandeep Singh on 23-07-2013
i am waiting for this scooter when it will launch?
By Tasshu on 05-07-2013
Eagerly waiting for this scooter to launch in india.....Hope the price would be in the budget!
By Karan on 24-04-2013
Currently in India there is no good scooter with power 10BHp+ with Disc brakes.
This LEAD 125cc scooter by Honda will fill this gap and really really means a lot to many people longing for powerful scooter with Disc brakes.

Bring it on fast Honda, I wish Honda launches this scooter in very few months in India as per their plan to launch new scooter every Quarter starting 2013
By Ram on 03-04-2013
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