Rodeo RZ 125 cc launch

Mahindra has had a bumpy ride so far in the scooter segment. In fact, the auto company has recorded nothing historic in this regard. But like the famous ant story they have not stopped trying. This is a positive sign of a good company and their never say die attitude seems to have motivated Mahindra to revisit their Rodeo scooter. And every revival has a meaning and this is no different with the new Rodeo RZ as well and the scooter has received new features and a few tweaks to present us yet another Rodeo avatar.

What can you expect in the new Rodeo RZ?
• The engine ignition system gets a two-map digital ignition to enable better fuel economy. According to ARAI, the new scooter from the Mahindra stable will return a mileage of around 59 kmpl and if the scooter is able to give at least 40-45 kmpl on the roads it would give the needed push to the scooter to go compete with Activas and Aviators as being very fuel efficient scooter in the segment.

• A new carburettor to enhance a better riding experience.

• To ensure greater ride quality the ground clearance & seat positioning has been raised a bit to offer a comfortable riding position to the rider.

• Rodeo RZ will be made available in some vibrant colors (inclusion of two new colors; flame orange and electric green) along with stylish-looking mirrors.

• Look forward for the price of the new Rodeo RZ, which is most likely to be priced on par with its previous variant at Rs 50, 124 (ex-showroom price) or there might be 1-4% hike, which is still unclear as the company has not yet disclosed the price details.

Mahindra Rodeo RZ 125

When is the Rodeo RZ expected to hit the roads?
The new Rodeo RZ is expected to be rolled out in July 2012 rather South Indian dealerships will welcome the scooter first and eventually spread across North India. But one thing that remains unchanged is the engine of the scooter; the engine has been developed on the SYM motors platform from Flyte, which enables a quiet and a smooth ride.

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Last updated on 27-01-2019. Published on 14-06-2012.
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Mahindra Rodeo RZ is available in seven cool colors. Mystique-Violet, Mystique-Violet, Flaming-Orange, Onyx-Blue, Derby-Red, Fiery-Black and Pearl-White.
By Hina on 20-05-2014
this colour is most beautiful compared to others but is it available in here? how to know the colour name?
By Shilpa Jabeen on 31-05-2013
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