Elesco E-Roy 2 Electric Scooter

Elesco E-Roy 2 Price and Features

The Elesco E-Roy 2 Electric Scooter boasts an impressive acceleration of 0 to 40 km/hr in just 6 seconds, providing a quick and smooth ride experience. The scooter also comes with four riding modes - Eco, City, Sports, and Reverse, and Cruise Control - aimed at providing a comfortable and personalized riding experience to the rider.

The Elesco E-Roy 2 Electric Scooter is powered by a High Torque Motor that delivers reliable and smooth performance. This scooter is compatible with both Lithium-Ion and Lead Acid Battery charging, making it flexible to use.

The scooter's charging time is quite impressive, with the ability to charge 70-80% of the battery in just 2 hours. Additionally, the scooter comes with some unique features such as Regenerative Braking, Key Less Entry, Anti-Theft Technology, and a USB Port for mobile phone and device charging.

The Elesco E-Roy 2 Electric Scooter is equipped with a Side Stand Sensor and a One-Touch Repair/Rescue Mode. The One-Touch Repair/Rescue Mode keeps a backup of the last 5-6 kilometers and ensures the custom never gets stuck in between.

Overall, the Elesco E-Roy 2 Electric Scooter is an impressive, feature-packed, and reliable option for anyone looking for a powerful and efficient electric scooter for their daily commute. The unique features such as Regenerative Braking, Key Less Entry, and One-Touch Repair/Rescue Mode make it a practical and attractive choice for customers.

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Elesco E-Roy 2 Price

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- Regenerative Braking
- Key Less Entry
- Anti-Theft Technology
- USB Port : For Mobile phone and device charging
- Side Stand Sensor
- One-Touch Repair/Rescue Mode : Keeps a backup of 5-6 kms in and never let the custom stuck in between.
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Technical Specifications
Vehicle TypeScooter
Acceleration0 to 40 in 6 sec
Riding ModesEco /City / Sports / Reverse and Cruise Control
Motor Details
High Torque Motor
Charging Time
70-80% in 2 hrs
BatteryLithium-Ion and Lead Acid Battery : Both Compatible
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