Deedav Drish Electric Scooter

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The Deedav Drish Electric Scooter features a reverse gear, alarm system, and USB port. It is an electric scooter with a load-carrying capacity of 2.5-3.00 quintal and a top speed of 55-60 km/h. It has a 250w JBM 12 Inch motor, a maximum range of 80 km, and a charging time of 3-4 hours for LI Battery and 6-8 hours for LA Battery. The scooter also comes with a digital display, 60v/70v battery, 60/12v waterproof controller, LED headlamp, and double disk brakes.

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Deedav Drish Price

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- Reverse Gear
- Alarm System
- USB Port
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Technical Specifications
Vehicle TypeScooter
Load Carrying Capacity2.5-3.00 quintal
Speed55-60 km/h
Gear1-2-3 Gear
Motor Details
250w JBM 12 Inch
Maximum Range is 80 kms.
Charging Time
LA Battery 6-8 hours
LI Battery 3-4 hours
Digital Display
Controller60/12v Intergate, Waterproof
Head LampLED
Front BrakeDouble disk brake
Rear BrakeDouble disk brake
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