Best Scooters in India

Don’t know the best scooter to go for? The Indian scooter industry is blessed with some good number of scooters which can easily handles by both sexes. Most of us compare scooters with the other scooters rivalling.

Yamaha Ray Vs Honda Dio, Honda Activa Vs Hero Maestro, Suzuki Access Vs Mahindra Duro, TVS Wego Vs Honda Activa Vs Hero Maestro, Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access, Suzuki Access Vs Suzuki Swish and goes on the shout out of scooters in India. Ending the array of all confusions and dilemma, we have compared and ranked the top 10 scooters of India.

The ranking has been done considering each scooter’s popularity, customers’ choice, demand of the vehicle, price, value for money, resale value, mileage, maintenance cost, power and performance, design, looks and graphics, features, ride comfy, built quality, so and so on.

1. Suzuki Access 125

Made under the belt of Japanese bi-wheeler giant, Suzuki Motor Corporation. Certainly no room for errors. Powered by a 124 cc, 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled OHC engine that generates maximum power of 8.58hp @ 7000 rpm and maximum torque of 9.8 Nm @ 5000 rpm, the machine expels the class-best performance. It has good design as well. Moreover better reliability, better mileage, good pricing and less maintenance make it the best Indian scooter.

New Suzuki Access125

Performance, smooth riding, mileage, quality, brand value, resale value, value for money and less maintenance.

No digital meter console

2. Honda Activa

The pioneer of next generation Indian scootering, the Activa. Since its launch in 2001, the scooter is there as the leader of the country’s scooter world. No doubt, t is precisely the best selling scooter in India. It is from the home of Honda. Made in good quality, with better fuel inefficiency and enough power. Now, there is one more reason to buy it. The all new Honda Activa comes in HET technology. With that Honda offers a sparking mileage of 60 kmpl.

New Honda Activa

It has reliability, best in class mileage, best in class resale value, less maintenance, powerful enough and brand value.

No digital meter console

3. Vespa LX 125

Meet the beauty of Indian bi-wheelering. Loaded with Italian design, the LX125 gets tagged as the queen of roads. How can’t we look at once while an LX125 passes along the road. Yup, it’s a show stopper. The Vespa LX125 is known as the only premium scooter in India.

Vespa LX 125

Design is its prior advantage. Quality, brand value, power, mileage and less maintenance follow it.

Heavy pricing, no front disc brake (at this price range there should have been), no digital meter console, looks small and hardly drivable for a tall and a fat guy.

4. Honda Aviator

A slightly upgraded scooter that stands just below the premium class. It gives a really comfortable ride. With better suspension and seating positing, the scooter never disappoints us. More interestingly, it has disc brake and it’s the only scooter to be equipped with disc brake in the Indian scooter industry.

Honda Aviator

Front disc brake, randed, dream mileage of 60 kmpl, less maintenance, high reliability, good resale value, worthy for money and one of the best scooters in India.

No digital meter console, design could have been better.

5. Honda Dio

If you’re looking for a stylish scooter at an affordable price range having better mileage, this is your machine, the Dio. Honda Dio is well known for modifications. So keep rocking with Dio, if you care to have a sporty scooter.

Honda Dio

Quality, looks, reliability, resale value, stunning mileage

No digital meter console.

6. TVS Wego

The Wego is known for its body balance feature that helps both the rider and the pillion to keep the balance on. TVS Wego is been a good performer since its launch. The scooter has bagged several awards so far.

TVS Wego


Alloy wheels, good looking, day time running light, value for money.

Starting trouble issues, engine noise, no digital meter.

7. Yamaha Ray

The debut scooter of Yamaha in the Indian shore. The scooter slightly resembles Honda Dio. It is mainly focussed on young women riders. The scooter is so smooth and easy to ride on. Perhaps, the best scooter to be driven in cities.

Yamaha Ray

Looks, branded, fuel efficient, reliability, smooth, easy to handle

Less powered, no digital meter, looks like a copy cat of Honda Dio.

8. Hero Pleasure

From the home of Hero, world’s number one two wheeler company. That is enough to prove the capabilities of the Pleasure. Tagging “Why should boys have all the fun?,” the scooter offers a good experience to both men and women.

Alia Bhatt with Hero Pleasure

Branded, value for money, good resale value, low maintenance, powerful enough, a perfect city rider and fuel efficient too.

No digital meter, the back portion doesn’t look pleasing, Hero hasn’t done a huge modifications since its entry.

9. Hero Maestro

Seems to be the next generation version of Honda Activa. The scooter is mated with a digital display on board showcasing trip meter, fuel gauge and odometer. With good features, quality, mileage and looks, the scooter turns to be a good rival for Honda Activa.

New Hero Maestro

Digital meter console, decent looks, comes with a refined Honda Activa engine, built in good quality, better mileage, power.

Seem like a real copy of the Activa, the scooter looks a bit bulgy.

10. Suzuki Swish 125

Obviously the sibling of the Access 125. The only difference is the design. The engine and all technical specifications are the same. Hence no worry to ride on the Swish, since the Access 125 has a well proven track record.

New Suzuki Swish 125

Good quality, branded, value for money, economical and an all-rounder performer on road.

No digital meter

Unfortunately Mahindra Duro DZ, the Rodeo RZ and the Scooty variants got out since the rank list is limited to only the top 10 scooters. It doesn’t mean that the Duro DZ, the Rodeo RZ, the Scooty Pep + and the Scooty Streek are imperfect, but as they are compared these scooters are slightly pulled back.

29 Responses to Best Scooters in India

  1. Akshay

    Ya, It’s a good ranking. In between, Honda launched new scooter Activa i, while Yamaha introduced Ray Z, as Vespa did with the VX 125.
    Still, Hero needs to unveil more scooters.

  2. Yogesh

    Which is the best Dio or Ray or Wego or not all these ???

    • aman

      go wid access bro awesome pickup n millage

  3. ashok

    Wich best mailege scooter activa or tvs jupiter

  4. aman

    access is the best scooter …

  5. Ekya

    Go with activa the best comfort n long life

  6. nikhil

    Shud I take dio or activa ?

    • mukta

      Ptake Activa as it has having huge life and people can comfortabley….while dio is not comfortable …sometimes 3 peoples can also sit on activa rather than dio

  7. Abhay

    Dio is having worst engine, Dio will get rough after 1 yr and there is no resale value while activa is having long life

  8. Zenith

    Dio will not give you better mileage after 6 months and no resale value

  9. prakash

    Plzz suggest me which is best dio or activa ?

    • pandey

      Activa is comfortable then dio as it is having combi brakes and het engine

  10. ilaiya mass

    which is best? activa or ray z r dio…….which is best in all?

  11. Gokul

    Iz maestro good 2 buy?

  12. Jamshad

    How about Yamaha RAY Z..??

    • aakash

      maestro or swish 125

      • ramlinga

        GO Swish came with digital and oil change indicator

  13. anil

    plz suggest me which is the best ?…..Honda activa,activat I & TVs Jupiter….give me and. fast plz…..

  14. shubham

    Plz take Honda activa …
    Don’t think just go for it……

  15. varun

    Hmm….as we already aware about activa … but Where is the new lml star euro 150 automatic in this list… which is the first automatic scooter in 150cc and with front disc brakes as optional…. and price is same as activa 125..

  16. sara

    hi which is best im still confuse honda activa tvs jupiter

    • Arjun

      Definitely it’s going to be the Honda Activa

  17. pragnesh

    Access or Swish 125 is the best.

  18. bunty

    i love speed
    so tell me
    which is fastest scooter…..

  19. yuvi

    Vespa is better than all of the above.

  20. avtar

    Which is best
    Tvs Jupiter or Suzuki access all rounder

  21. Winston

    I prefer Honda Dio is best than jupiter, nd Access Honda. Dio is fuel efficient and fast due to carbon fibre body nd its engine it is also light weight. It is also powerful with triple seat in 110 cc engine. Its pickup is awesome. While jupiter can have a theft of petrol because its filling knob is outside the storage tank. Access doesnt give much mileage but it is comfortable

    • ramlinga

      bro Access came with tubeless tyres with good pickup as well as nice mileage. go check ur nearest showroom

  22. Keshu Rao

    No Gusto or Rodeo UZO 125 means it’s a bogus article!

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